Brexit and Self Storage: How Your Business Can Prepare

With the UK having finally gone through with leaving the EU at the end of January, there’s still a very large amount of uncertainty surrounding it. Media attention on the subject has certainly diminished, however, problems surrounding Brexit are only likely to compound in the months to come.

While the deadline for leaving was set for January 31st, the actual negotiations, trade deals and everything else surrounding this are still taking place, and are expected to go on for the next year. The UK will be heading into uncharted economic territory, with massive potential effect on many businesses. For those reliant on product stock from the EU, the current result is a nightmare of frantic buying and a sudden burst of international commerce to ensure that they can hold on for as long as possible, weathering out the economic storm until things settle down, new suppliers have been contacted, and so forth.

This presents a problem of its own – Storing it all.

According to the UK Warehousing Association, in a statement released in July 2019 amidst the early panic of leaving the EU, UK warehouses are running at very close to full capacity, with little prospect of more space becoming available in the short term. This is still the case, with the longer, more drawn-out trade process still ongoing.

Even for businesses with their own dedicated storage and space, the strain is a problem, and the need for a more reliable and flexible solution persists.

Which businesses are most likely to be affected?

Ultimately, any businesses from SMEs to larger enterprise businesses that rely on any stock not just coming from Europe, but also being routed through Europe for shipment. Even if your stock comes from further out, the likelihood of shipment and delivery being held up throughout Europe and entering the UK is dramatically higher.

This is made worse, again, by the uncertainty of the next few months. While we’ve already left the EU on paper, the real negotiations and long-term effects are still to be decided and are still as in the air as before the leave deadline was passed.

With all of this in mind, larger enterprise businesses are more likely to have their own storage solutions and warehouse capabilities, with smaller, more local businesses do not have the liberty of owning.

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