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Safe & Secure Student Storage

Moving to university and transitioning to academic life can be both an exciting and stressful time for students. Gaining knowledge and new experiences are something to look forward to, but many aspects may be daunting. One pressure is moving to new accommodations; and what to do with all your belongings!

Here are some of the benefits of choosing our student storage units:

1. Keep your items safe and secure

One of the biggest risks you face when moving into student accommodation is security. Trusting new housemates may be difficult until you know them better, and you may be worried that something will get lost or broken. Storage for students allows you to keep your items safe and secure, exactly where you place them.

2. Allows for extra space

Trying to keep everything you own in your student accommodation can be tricky, especially if your room is smaller than the one you’re used to at home. With student storage, you can store your belongings that you use less regularly nearby and go and get them whenever needed. This will give you more space in your room.

3. Move back home easily

Once the academic year is over you will most likely move back home until the next. However, your parents might have decided to repurpose your old room while you were away, leaving you with less space to move your old gear back. Or you may not want the hassle of transporting everything all the way home. In this case, summer storage will keep your belongings secure for the time you’re back in your hometown and be right there for you when you move back next term.

4. A place to store your hobbies

Perhaps you are a musician or into skiing or rock climbing. All this gear takes up a huge amount of space, so why not use storage for students to keep it all in one place? This will ensure that your accommodation has less clutter, much to the relief of any roommates.

5. Conveniently located

The East of England is well serviced when it comes to universities, with the University of Essex, University of Suffolk, UEA, and Norwich University of the Arts all within the region. Fortunately, Easy Store 24/7’s storage facilities are within easy reach of all these universities, allowing for quick and easy access at any time. 

Student storage is available at the following locations:

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