How To Store Your Motorcycle Safely

How To Store Your Motorcycle Safely

When winter approaches and the conditions become less conducive for riding, it becomes necessary to look at options for motorcycle storage. Keeping your motorcycle safely stored away means more than just throwing a cover over it for the winter. You will want to make sure that your motorcycle remains in pristine condition, ready for the warmer months. Your motorcycle is a valuable investment and taking steps to maintain it will ensure it continues to perform well in the long term. We recommend the steps below for proper motorcycle storage during the winter.

Steps For Proper Motorcycle Storage

To maintain your motorcycle before it goes into storage, we recommend that you do the following:

  • Thoroughly clean off any dirt or debris from your motorcycle. Your motorcycle will not be going anywhere for a while, so now is the perfect time to get it looking its best. In addition, any dirt or stains can become harder to remove and may corrode the surface if left through the winter.
  • Change the oil and replace the filter. Old, used oil can corrode the engine over the winter months Plus, fresh oil will allow you to get back on the road as soon as Spring arrives.
  • Lubricate any moving parts with a light coat of oil. This will help protect your motorcycle from rust caused by a build-up of moisture.
  • Fill up your tank and add a fuel stabiliser. A full tank will ensure no moisture can get in and damage the internal walls. The fuel stabiliser will make sure the fuel remains good quality throughout the winter.
  • Remove the battery and attach it to a trickle charger. Even when not in use, your battery will lose charge. So, removing it and attaching it to a trickle charger will ensure a small, steady supply of power throughout winter.
  • Check your tyres and use a stand. Making sure your tyres are at the correct pressure will help them retain their shape throughout the winter. In addition, placing your motorcycle on a stand will prevent the risk of tyre wear or flat spotting.
  • Check and replace all break/clutch fluid if needed. Check your coolant system and apply anti-freeze, to protect your motorcycle from water getting in and freezing.
  • Use a breathable cover for your motorcycle. Avoid using plastic as this traps moisture inside, leading to mould and corrosion.

Why Easy Store is perfect for motorcycle storage

Having prepared your motorcycle for winter storage, you may find you do not have adequate storage facilities at home. At Easy Store 24/7 we offer safe and secure storage solutions at various locations around Colchester, Ipswich and Norwich. Our storage units will keep your motorcycle away from damaging elements like sunlight and snow, and with 24/7 access you can perform maintenance whenever you need. All units are fully secured with 24-hour surveillance and are available at cost-effective rates.

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