Storing Your Garden Furniture During Winter

Storing Your Garden Furniture During Winter

As the chilly weather takes hold and we start to prepare our gardens for the winter months, we need to consider what to do with our garden furniture. Exposed furniture will not last very long out in the frost and snow, and covering them up can only do so much to protect them from the elements. Depending on the type of furniture you have, there are several ways to protect your garden furniture from the winter cold. Here’s our guide to storing garden furniture in winter – and why self storage in Suffolk is a great solution!

Storing Wooden Furniture

Over time, your wooden furniture is likely to gather lichen and fungus while sitting outside. So, make sure you thoroughly scrub your wooden furniture with a stiff brush and a bucket of warm and soapy water. Make sure it is fully dried and oiled before storing it away, as if the furniture is still wet when stored it could rot through lack of circulation. Make sure to cover it with a heavy tarpaulin once in storage.

Storing Plastic Furniture

When it comes to plastic furniture in the garden the main risk is from mildew when it goes into storage. If your storage location is too humid and not well ventilated, then mildew will form and discolour your furniture. To prevent this, clean your plastic furniture first with hot, soapy water using a soft cloth. Then, dry it completely and store it away under a heavy tarpaulin. If the furniture already has stains on it, use neat bleach to return it to its original fresh colour first.

Storing Rattan and Wicker Furniture

These furniture items can be difficult to clean due to their weave. Try removing dust first with a vacuum, then clean them with hot, soapy water and a toothbrush to get into those tight spots. Alternatively, a blast from a high pressure hose can do the job. Wicker should be stored away when not in use, and a coat of varnish will help prolong its lifespan. For both wicker and rattan you should store items under cover to help keep them in top shape.

Storing Iron Furniture

The biggest risk to iron furniture in storage is rust. Make sure once you have cleaned and dried your furniture that you check for any rust spots. If you find any evidence of rust, use commercial rust removal products, or apply white vinegar with a soft rag and then rub it with aluminium foil. Once done, rinse, clean and dry the iron furniture before storing it away under a tarpaulin sheet.

Other Storage Tips:

  • Make sure your storage area is fully waterproof. If you spot any areas where moisture can seep in, make sure to seal them up before winter.
  • For fabric items such as cushions, keep them indoors rather than in the shed. This will prevent them becoming homes for mice and other creatures!
  • Keep your storage location fully secure. Make sure to secure and lock all boxes as well.
  • By far the best way to store your furniture safely is through dedicated self storage units. Our self storage in Suffolk offers complete security, full protection against the weather and pests, and as much storage space as you need.

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