Storing Employee Documents Securely Without Cluttering Up the Office

Storing Employee Documents Securely

In the day to day running of a business, paperwork can quickly pile up. However, as the number of documents in the office grows, it can be harder to find the paperwork that matters. Whilst filing cabinets can help keep the office organised, they can still take up a lot of room. Often, there’s just too much documentation to keep an on-site archive in the office. With rent costs particularly high right now, every foot of office space counts. For this reason, you might want to consider off-site document storage.

Safe and Secure Document Storage

When moving company documents from an office to off-site storage, it’s only natural to have concerns about the safety of the archive. Fortunately, safety and security are two top priorities when it comes to providing a professional self-storage service.

At the likes of Easy Store 24/7, around the clock security measures ensure safe document storage. Storage units are located in a dedicated, self-contained compound. Security fencing borders these compounds, whilst 24-hour CCTV surveillance provides peace of mind. 24-hour floodlighting across our sites also deters intruders. Thanks to these measures, you can be sure that the security of off-site archive storage is enough for your documents.

Additionally, the electronic fob system provides you with peace of mind that the site is well policed. Users of the site can gain entry with the swipe of a fob at the gate. This system controls the entry of vehicles and individuals into the site. Intruders are barred from the compound, whilst legitimate visitors can gain easy access to their archives all hours of the day, every day of the week. The individual locks on each storage unit provide an extra layer of personal security.

Finally, storage in an off-site location may lead to some concern that documents could be damaged by the elements. Document storage needs to be just as safe from the weather as from intruders. Ensure that when you store away important documentation that it is kept in a well-sealed container. Despite our units being as weather-proof as they possibly can be, we advise that you take all the necessary precautions to ensure documents are not damaged.

Declutter Your Office with Easy Store 24/7

With multiple sites across Norwich, Ipswich and Colchester, Easy Store is able to offer safe and secure self-storage to businesses across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. Moving your company archives out of the office and into off-site document storage will provide you with more space in the office, without any cost to safety and security. With the business premises no longer cluttered by archival paperwork, operations can run more smoothly.

Easy Store offer great storage solutions for all kinds of items, from company documents to large vehicles. So, if you’re considering moving paperwork into secure document storage, contact us to book secure archive storage today.

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