How to Declutter Your Storage Unit

How to Declutter Your Storage Unit

At some point, you’ll need to take on the job of removing items from your storage unit. This can be a daunting process, particularly if you’ve been adding items over the years! It’s vital that you organize the tasks that will help you make progress when removing and sorting items, so here is our guide on how to clear out your storage unit.

1. Take an inventory

The first step you should take to clear out your storage unit is to examine the contents and list down everything you find. If you already have an inventory on hand this can be very useful, otherwise you will need a pen and paper to jot items down. Start with large items and count how many boxes are inside that you will need to sort through. Having a rough idea of what’s inside will help you calculate how much extra help you may need and how much time it could take.

2. Create a plan of attack

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the size of the job, you need to consider how best to approach it. Choose a time to start your clean out and bring items such bags, labels, and other moving supplies. Give yourself plenty of time to clean out the unit: you may end up needing more than one day! If you need to clear out the storage unit urgently, place all items in bags and sort through them at a separate location. Ask anyone you know to help out if possible. Also keep in mind that the decluttering process can be an emotional one, especially if it relates to an inheritance or a loved one. Give yourself enough time to work through any feelings you might have regarding the process.

3. Sort belongings into categories

The best approach is to sort your items into four categories of boxes: keep, store, donate/sell, and toss. For the ‘keep’ box, put in anything that you want to keep at home, such as sentimental items. On the other hand, the ‘store’ box should be kept aside for any items that need to return to storage. The next two categories are for those items you can safely say are no longer required. The ‘sell/donate’ box should be for anything in good condition that you don’t need anymore. Finally, the ‘toss’ box should be for anything broken beyond repair, or which has no obvious value.

4. Plan your transport

Now that you have sorted your items, you need to consider how to remove them. First, dispose of any items in your ‘toss’ box: hire rubbish collectors if necessary. Contact local charities to find out if they will take items from your ‘donate/sell’ box. Otherwise, you can consider arranging a garage sale or jumble sale stall later. Finally, load the rest of your items for removal into your vehicle, making sure you have enough space to transport them all.

5. Clean your unit

Now that all the items have been removed from your storage unit, it is time to give it a clean! Get rid of any dust and debris, and make sure it is ready for reuse by yourself or another customer.

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