Hand Sanitiser Now Available at all Easy Store 24/7 Sites Across Ipswich, Colchester and Norwich 


Easy Store 24/7 is taking Coronavirus seriously. The safety of our customers is of paramount concern. We are putting hand sanitiser dispensers at each of our sites, and these will be ready to use within a few days. They will be displayed prominently at the gates. We encourage all our customers to use these dispensers when they enter and leave our premises, for their safety and for that of their fellow Easy Store customers.

How can hand sanitiser help?

Hand sanitiser gels help contain the threat of Coronavirus – and other nasties – by killing any germs and infectious bacteria that may be taking a ride on our hands. As our hands are almost always the part of our body which interacts with our physical surroundings the most, on handles, switches, doors and practically everything besides, we need to keep them as clean as we can.

Currently, alcohol-based sanitiser is accepted as the most effective means of killing bacteria and germs on your hands; these often contain hydrogen peroxide, which provides additional virus-defeating efficacy. alcohol-free sanitisers do exist , their effectiveness is less certain. We provide a high-alcohol sanitiser at our sites.

Hand sanitiser is in place at our Diamond Road depot.

How do I use it?

Hand sanitiser can provide a useful and effective alternative in those specific environments when traditional hand-washing facilities are unavailable. Our Easy Store 24/7 sites are a great example of this. By simply sanitising your hands before gaining access to our compounds, you cab ensure that our premises – and your container – remain safe to use. To use our system correctly, simply pump a small amount of sanitiser from the available dispensers and rub between your hands. Try to ensure that the sanitiser covers the entire surface of your hands, and gets in between the fingers!

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