Store your caravan safely with Easy Store 24/7.

Our Norwich warehouse storage is the perfect size for storing your Caravan or Motorhome for an extended period of time, giving you the space you need within your own property.

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Safe & Secure Caravan Storage in Norwich

While owning a caravan is great for weekends away and other holiday trips, they can take up valuable space on your property. That is why caravan storage is a great way to keep your van safe and secure, while freeing up space at home.

The Benefits of Caravan Storage

Here are just a handful of reasons why you should choose offsite storage for your caravan or campervan:

  • Caravans can take up a lot of space, which can prove to be a problem when your van is not in use. Choosing campervan storage allows you to free up much needed space either in your garage or on your driveway.
  • When you choose to store your caravan with Easy Store 24/7 you have access to the site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Easy Store 24/7’s storage sites offer increased security, such as razor wire fencing and CCTV. So, there is very little risk of anyone stealing or vandalising your caravan.
  • Storing your caravan in a safe place can help reduce the cost of your insurance premiums. Certain insurance providers offer discounts based on the security provided by the storage facility.
  • There is no set limit on how long you can use caravan storage for. Store it away for as long as you need, then easily access your van when your next trip comes around.
  • You can even have your van serviced at specialised storage facilities. By organising any maintenance and repairs on site, it will save you time getting it ready for the next trip.
  • The costs of caravan storage with Easy Store are very affordable.

Caravan Storage is available at the following locations:

Why Choose Easy Store For Caravan Storage?

At Easy Store 24/7, we have been offering safe and secure storage solutions for clients in East Anglia since 2002. We offer 24 hour access to our Norwich, Ipswich and Colchester locations, as well security fencing and 24 hour CCTV coverage. Our Diamond Road Warehouse in Norwich is purpose built for all your caravan and campervan storage needs. To find out more about our safe and secure storage facilities for your caravan or motorhome, contact us online or call our friendly team today.