The Benefits of Outdoor Self Storage

The Benefits of Outdoor Self Storage

Whether you’re in the middle of a house move or need somewhere to keep tools and equipment, there are many reasons why you might need to find self-storage in Ipswich. Whether you need indoor or outdoor storage, depends on what you intend to store, however outdoor storage can offer a more cost-effective, convenient option. Here are the main benefits of choosing outdoor storage over indoor storage.

Outdoor self storage is budget-friendly

Often, indoor storage sites charge access fees which can make storing your items more expensive. Easy Store offers self storage in Ipswich for a set weekly cost, so whatever you have to store, you can easily stick to a monthly budget.

Our 40ft storage units are £35 per week (excluding VAT). Meanwhile, our smaller 20ft units are £25 per week (excluding VAT). Be realistic about the amount you have to store. Hiring a larger unit which you won’t fill will cost you more, so make sure you are only paying for the storage you need.

You’d be surprised how much you can fit into one of our units. If you can’t decide which one works for you, make an inventory of the items you need to store. From this, we will be able to recommend the best option based on how much you have.

Our self-storage in Ipswich is easy to access

Typically you can only access an indoor storage unit during set opening hours. This can be inconvenient if you need more flexibility. For example, if you’re storing work equipment or tools, you may want access to your kit outside normal business hours.

You can access our self-storage facility in Ipswich 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Round-the-clock access can be handy if you’re moving home too. You can drop off boxes or furniture whenever is convenient, and move your belongings into your new property at a time that suits you.

Outdoor self-storage is secure

Alternative outdoor storage facilities such as a garage or garden shed, can leave your items vulnerable to theft or damage. At Easy Store, our steel units are secure and safe, and will protect your belongings from both unwanted visitors and the elements.

Our Ipswich units are located within a gated compound, and access is via an electronic gate operated by a swipe key. Each unit is individually locked, and floodlights ensure you can safely visit your unit after dark. For added peace of mind, 24-hour CCTV surveillance is in place, so you know your possessions are in safe hands with Easy Store.

Outdoor self-storage is versatile

With corridors and stairs to contend with, indoor storage sites can be tricky to access with bulky or awkward items. You can drive right up to our outdoor storage units, and the double doors open wide to make it easier to fill or empty your unit. Outdoor storage is also suitable for vehicles, so if you have a classic car or motorcycle and need a secure home for your pride and joy, we can help.

Whatever you need to keep safe, get in touch with our team today to find out more about our storage options or to book secure self storage in Ipswich.

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