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Safe & Secure Archive Storage

The day-to-day workings of any business can lead to a lot of paperwork; but not every company has space to store it. Fortunately, Easy Store 24/7 have a range of document storage solutions across Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex to help you move your archive off-site.

Secure document storage is vital for any business. Having access to your records and complying with GDPR is important for companies and customers alike. Archive storage from Easy Store 24/7 ensures the safety of your documents and belongings, without compromising on easy access. Read on to find out how you can benefit from outsourcing your document storage.

The Benefits of Archive Storage

Many businesses have limited office space to work with. Keeping archives on-site can take up valuable room, create distracting clutter, and hamper day to day operations. Moving documents into secure off-site storage will free up room and help keep your workplace more organised.

Off-site document storage solutions can often be more secure than keeping your archive on your premises. Easy Store 24/7 provide you with a steel unit housed in a secure compound. Security fenced and monitored day and night by CCTV, you can trust in our protections.

Of course, there is one person who won’t be denied access: you. Our document storage is accessible 24/7 thanks to your personal key card. Though your business premises may be shut, you can still access your archive whenever you need it.

Whether you opt for warehouse or container storage, your documents will be kept safe, clean, and dry. We also welcome customers setting up their own shelving or cabinets to keep papers organised.

Finally, document storage from Easy Store 24/7 is cost effective. We have a range of options that allow you to settle on the right storage for your business.

Archive storage is available at the following locations:

Why Choose Easy Store For Document Storage?

It’s clear that moving your documents into one of our storage facilities can bring overwhelming benefits to your business. Make space, boost security, increase accessibility and improve organisation.

Enquire with us today for more information about our document storage facilities across Norwich, Ipswich, and Colchester.