Warehouse Storage in Norwich, Norfolk

Easy Store 24/7 are proud to announce a new large scale warehouse storage location in the Norwich area. For more information, to enquire about our storage spaces and what we can do for you, let us know via the contact form below.

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Our Norwich Warehouse depot is ideal for:


Moving House

If you’re relocating, why not use one of our containers to safely store your household items? They’re especially useful for bulky furniture.

Tools & Equipment

Tools are both valuable and vital to business. Our units are secure and protected by padlocks,  24/7 CCTV and palisade fencing to keep your equipment safe.

Classic Car Storage

Our roller-door warehouse units are just the right size to store a classic car, and are roomy enough to give access to all sides of most vehicles.

Commercial Overstock

If your enterprise has a temporary overstock, you need somewhere safe to secure your valuable goods without it costing the earth. We can help.

Motorcycle Storage

Both our roller-door and container units are ideal for keeping your motorcycle safe and allowing you the room to work around the bike.

Domestic Clearance

Clearing properties can often result in the acquisition of large quantities of effects. Our units provide a reliable storage solution ideal for this purpose.  

Storage Unit

Our warehouse units benefit from indoor coverage for added security, light, warmth and space to manoevure.


Other Storage

Our units are secure, dry and easy to access, so they’re ideal for a whole range of storage requirements. Whatever you’ve got, we can store it for you!

Why choose warehouse storage over our normal storage units?

As well as our self-storage facilities, we offer warehouse storage in Norwich which can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you haven’t considered warehouse storage before, here are some reasons why you should try our warehouse depot over self-storage units:

  • Warehouse storage provides a place for businesses to store goods until you need them; allowing you to increase production and anticipate demand.
  • Storing goods in a warehouse allows you to expand your business and make better use of your space.
  • Warehouses provide services for the packing, shipping and storage of goods, as well as easy retrieval when needed.
  • If supply exceeds demand then you can store excess goods until demand picks up. A warehouse is ideal if you need somewhere to store temporary overstock.
  • Using warehouses allows you to stock goods close to key markets, reducing transport times and meeting customer demands.
  • All goods stored in the warehouse are kept secure, with padlocks, 24/7 CCTV and palisade fencing in place.
  • Our warehouse storage benefits from indoor coverage, with your items stored in the warm and dry.
  • Warehouses are a much more cost-effective way of storing your goods for later use.

Our warehouse in Norwich is suitable for storing a wide range of goods and items; featuring 24/7 CCTV security, easy access, and climate control. To find out more, speak to us online or call us on 0800 4370 811 (Freephone).

Easy Store 24/7 Warehouse Diamond Road Norwich

Diamond Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6AN
Easy Store 24/7 Warehouse Diamond Road Norwich
5 Diamond Rd, Norwich NR6 6AD, UK
Diamond Road, Norwich, Norfolk NR6 6AN