Everything you wanted to know about Self Storage, but were too afraid to ask.

Mar 23, 2020General, Info

There are many questions we get asked by our customers, as well as questions we see posted across search engines and social media. Some serious, some not so much. Some we’d certainly consider must know information, and others somewhat questionable!

In this post we take a stab at a few of the questions asked about us, our industry, and the units we offer.

If you have any questions at all not on this list, let us know via the comments, or get in touch on 0800 4370811 and we’ll happily get back to you!

Without further ado…

  • How does insurance work with self storage units? Are my contents insured?
    • By default, Easy Store does not handle the insurance arrangements for you. It’s also not compulsory for you to insure any goods you store with us, however depending on the value of what you’re storing, it’s highly recommended.
    • We recommend Insurastore.com FSA/RSA regulated. Online insurance broker, that will provide contents cover for storage.
  • Can you live / sleep in self storage?
    • This isn’t what we meant by ‘Self Storage’ unfortunately! We don’t offer storage units for this purpose whatsoever, however if your current circumstances are severe, we would strongly recommend getting in touch with https://www.shelter.org.uk/, or contacting one of your nearest charities;
      • colchester;
      • ipswich;
      • norwich;
  • Are self storage units heated?
    • No, our units are either single skinned or double skinned, and do not offer heating capabilities unfortunately.
  • How does security work in your self storage units?
    • 24/7 365 cctv, surrounding pallisade fencing with razor wire. flood lighting on site which comes on throughout the night, individually padlocked units, proximity fob for access on site.
  • Do you offer self storage units big enough for cars?
    • Yes we do, in all locations!
  • Do your self storage units have an electricity supply?
    • No – see heated
  • Can you use a self storage unit as a workshop or office?
    • A carpenter or tradesman will bring a generator and do work in and around the unit. While they’re not designed for this purpose, they can be used. however as health and safety now comes into effect, Easy Store 24/7 cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur throughout this time.
  • Can I run my business out of one of your self storage units?
    • Yes – Ebay businesses, buy and sell furniture, etc. Selling furniture out of norwich, antiques, etc.
  • Are there limitations on what I’m allowed to store or not?
    • Hazardous chemicals and flammable liquids.